Social Media Basics: Getting Started

We've created this blog post for those wine businesses that are looking for a basic guide about how to start with social media.

Here, you'll find links to information about how to create a new page or profile on the different social media platforms and resources you may find useful when starting.



  1. Create and manage a page

  2. Manage page settings

  3. Access insights

  4. About Facebook pages


  1. Getting started on Instagram for Business

  2. Advertising on Instagram

  3. Tips from Instagram


  1. How to use Twitter for your business

  2. Tips from Twitter

  3. Best practices


  1. How to create a LinkedIn company page

  2. Best practices

  3. LinkedIn Analytics

That's all you need to start if you haven't created your profiles yet. You'll find a lot more information on the Help pages of every platform and you can also drop us a line and ask any questions you may have - we'll be happy to help.

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