#WineToWatch | Avaline

It’s the fifth edition of #WineToWatch, our series of blog posts highlighting wine companies that are killing it on social media and we are really, really excited about this one! 

Today’s #WineToWatch takes us to the iconic city of Los Angeles and the even more iconic wine brand Avaline. Their mission - to champion a new standard in wine.

Headed by an incredible duo and fabulous set of friends, Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, Avaline has gone from strength to strength since their launch in March and we simply can’t get enough of this oh so chic brand.

Not only does Avaline produce swoon-worthy clean, organic and vegan-friendly wines, but their social media game is second to none.  Here are a couple of reasons why we think they’re excelling on social media and how you could apply them to your business to also succeed.

While you’re reading this blog, check out their Instagram page to see what we’re talking about.

Avaline Wine To Watch

1. They know their target audience 

Avaline is a perfect example of a brand that knows its target audience and how to capture their attention. Taking the principle of their product, they translate beautifully who they are and what they do by adopting a clean, pared-back aesthetic that is very popular with the Instagram community and fits their brand perfectly.  They also create stand out content by combining food, wine and music in chic videos and photos with a neutral aesthetic that their followers are sure to love.

Avaline Wine To Watch

2. They inform and engage

Despite their impressive following, Avaline keeps things casual when it comes to their content. Opting for a casual, laid back tone of voice,  they share educational posts over sales ones that allow them to inform and engage with their target audience. Engaging with your audience is vital for any business entering the realm of social media because it humanizes your page, it makes your brand approachable and your audience is more likely to trust you and support your brand.  Remember: entertain and inform your audience first, sell to them second.

Avaline Wine To Watch

3. They’re interactive

We love the way that Avaline interacts with its audience, making us feel like we are really part of the brand. The founders do this by filming and featuring in cooking videos, Q&A’s and funny interactive videos that make the brand personable, fun and almost like having a drink with friends. Not only does this add authenticity, but it also means that your target audience will interact with you more. This will also encourage user-generated content which looks great on your feed and adds credibility and brings your brands promises into perspective.

I’m sure you can agree that Avaline is a #WineToWatch, so why not give them a follow on social media and even give their wine a try - we are certain you won’t be disappointed.

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All companies showcased on our #WineToWatch accounts do social media in-house and aren't our clients. We created these series of blog posts to show that any wine company can succeed at social media by creating and implementing smart strategies and to encourage more wine companies to make change happen and join the digital era.