#WineToWatch | Empathy Wines

Hello everyone! Welcome to the fourth edition of #WineToWatch, our series of blog posts highlighting wine companies that are doing a great job on social media.

This time we’re putting the spotlight on Empathy Wines, who are based in the sunny state of California. They work with some of the most respected winegrowers in Northern California in Lodi, Lake County, and Mendocino to source high-quality grapes, to create delicious and vegan-friendly wines.

They are not only a fantastic wine club but they work with a team of wine professionals and sommeliers that help you select the best wines & tours. What’s best about them? They have a stellar reputation on social media.

We love seeing brands with a fantastic social media game, especially Empathy Wines who have been reaching thousands of people across the globe with their presence.

While you’re reading this blog, check out their Instagram page to see what we’re talking about.

Here are a couple of reasons why we think they’re excelling on social media and how you could apply them to your business to also succeed.


1. Variety of Content Types

Empathy Wines doesn’t shy away from variety when it comes to their social channels and we love it. By posting a wide range of digital content including videos, Gifs and attention-grabbing images, they keep their platforms fresh and engaging. They also create content that follows trends alongside funny, reactive posts and unique product photos that make you stop and think- wow what a cool brand. 

2. Clear & Concise Tone of Voice

If you have a browse of their channels, you will see that this is a brand that understands its target audience. Empathy Wines have nailed their tone of voice throughout their platforms, using clear, concise and casual language that makes their audience feel comfortable to engage with their posts. This even comes down to the names of their wines which are simply red, white, rose and bubbles.

3. Interesting Collaborations

We all understand just how essential collaborations with influencers are for brands and that’s why Empathy Wines have also used this to their advantage. Whilst scrolling through their Instagram page, you can see that they have collaborated with many major influencers outside the ‘wine-world’ that have helped grow their brand.

It’s an effective way for brands to communicate to different audiences that may take an interest in your wines.


They are quite frankly, killing it on social media. So, why not give them a follow and learn more about their wine at the same time? We sure did!

Stay tuned for more #WineToWatch coming soon. If you want to learn more about how Wild Yeast Media can help your brand stand out on social media, check out this page to see the courses and services we provide. 

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All companies showcased on our #WineToWatch accounts do social media in-house and aren't our clients. We created these series of blog posts to show that any wine company can succeed at social media by creating and implementing smart strategies and to encourage more wine companies to make change happen and join the digital era.