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Today's #WineToWatch takes us to the beautiful Provence wine region in the South of France, where a fantastic wine producer we've been following for a long time is based: Mirabeau Wine.

They're a great example of how a family producer can make change happen by understanding how social media works, what looks good and how to use their personal stories to enrich their storytelling and create meaningful connections with their audience.

While you're reading this blog, check out their Instagram page to see what we're talking about.

Mirabeau Wine

1. A personal touch always helps

If you scroll down Mirabeau Wine's content, you'll quickly see that they showcase their family members regularly and tell stories about how they started, what they're working on, what they like and more. This instantly creates a stronger connection with their audience: they aren't a faceless brand trying to sell to their audience all the time, they're real people who truly want to share their journey with their audience.

2. The power of giveways

Mirabeau Wine understands that you have to give to receive. A great way to grow your social media following is to give away your product. It also help spread the word as the more people you have engaging with your giveway, the more people will see it even if they don't enter.

This is why using giveaways is one of the easiest and more effective ways to increase your follower number and reach, especially on Instagram.

Just make sure you don't over use this feature, as too many giveaways can look spammy and bring followers that are just chasing for free stuff!

3. Key collaborations

Across their channels, you'll see that they have collaborated, mentioned, worked with and partnered with content creators, designers, artists and more. This is another very effective way of growing your social media presence, as you can use it to associate your brand with well-known people, while getting user generated content to be used on your channels.

It sounds like a no-brainer decision to make - who doesn't want to be associated with great artists? The truth is, not many wine producers are doing this as Mirabeau Wine does.

Mirabeau Wine

I could be writing forever about all the good things Mirabeau Wine does on social media so we'll leave it here, but make sure you follow them to learn more!

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