How we built a social media community

Belle & Co is a non-alcoholic, vegan-friendly and low sugar bubbly. After they rebranded from Bees Knees to Belle & Co, they got in touch with us to help them launch their new brand on social media and help them build a community of like-minded people on social media to exponentially increase their reach.
Belle & Co


As Belle & Co was a new brand, it didn't have any photography or community on social media, so the main goal we had was to create a strong relationship with like-minded individuals, interested in alcohol-free drinks, vegan diets, cruelty-free brands, low sugar products, etc. This was going to allow us to receive User Generated Content to be repurposed on the brand's channels and to show that other people are trying their products.


The first thing we did was to create a strong social media strategy outlining exactly who the brand's target audience was​, in order to make sure that the content we created was relevant for them. This included detailed buying personas and the brand's tone of voice.
Once we had the strategy and content created, we started posting and engaging with other accounts using relevant hashtags to find like-minded people in the UK, which was our target market. This allowed us to build a strong community step by step, without cutting corners and ensured an engaged audience after a few months.


After a few months of consistent posting and engagement, we started seeing lots of people tagging us on their stories and posts, ultimately having daily tags, which was very good for Belle & Co's social media presence. This also meant that the brand's customers are now brand ambassadors, exponentially increasing the reach of the brand with every one of our posts.
We've also been able to repurpose the posts generated by Belle & Co's customers, which means that we always have new content to use on the brand's channel.
Belle & Co's community is also very important because it allows us to directly communicate with them, ask them what they like, what they don't like and use that information to guide the brand's owner on future business decisions.
Belle & Co Belle & Co Belle & Co
Belle & Co Belle & Co Belle & Co

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