How we went from 1k to 10k Instagram followers

Quinta do Vale Meão is one of the most traditional and respected family wine producers in the Douro and Portugal, founded in 1877 by the legendary Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira. Below, you'll find out how we managed to go from 1k to more than 10k followers on Instagram, what tactics we used and how we helped this fantastic winery reach their target audience and establish themselves on social media as much as they were already established offline.

Quinta do Vale Meao


With new generations of the family taking control of the Marketing & Sales activities of the company, Quinta do Vale Meão was looking for a professional and fresh approach, and trusted us with their social media channels in order to use these platforms to exponentially increase their reach and showcase their vast history to current and new customers around the globe.
Quinta do Vale Meao


After creating a strong social media strategy, working closely with Quinta do Vale Meão's marketing team in order to consolidate the desired plan of action and setting specific goals, we began our work by creating bi-monthly content calendars.​
As Quinta do Vale Meão is a traditional producer with a strong presence in the Portuguese wine market, we decided to create captions in Portuguese and English, which appeal to both their export and local markets. We have used educational, informative and engaging content to reach their audience, utilising live updates from the Quinta and from events around the world as a crucial part of our strategy, due to the busy and fast-paced nature of Quinta do Vale Meão's business activities, ensuring that our channels are up-to-date.
Given that Quinta do Vale Meão is an already established force within the industry, we needed to ensure that the social media channels were acting as a key customer service port from day one, offering swift and efficient community management. Not only is this essential when managing large numbers of enquiries, but it is vital in maintaining Quinta do Vale Meao's reputation.
As Quinta do Vale Meão's wines are premium wines, our communication had to be sophisticated and knowledgeable, and this is where our wine expertise was very important. Regular updates from the vineyard, the winery and events around the world were published, working closely with key team members of Quinta do Vale Meão.
It was also extremely important to regularly interact with relevant accounts, engage with and repurpose user generated content on the client's channels and encourage more people to share their Vale Meão experiences.
Quinta do Vale Meao


Within a few months of working together, we saw an outstanding performance both in quantitative and qualitative results. After 12 months, we were able to reach the 10k followers mark on Instagram, a fantastic feature given that we didn't use any advertising budget.
We have been able to build a strong relationship with Quinta do Vale Meão's audience by engaging regularly with them across all platforms and taking care of their customer service enquiries in a professional and speedy manner. We've also been able to connect them with businesses looking to buy and distribute their wines.
Working closely with Quinta do Vale Meão's marketing team, being connected with them 24/7 utilising tools like WhatsApp groups, attending several events, tasting their wines and meeting in person the people behind them has allowed us to work as an extension of their team, understanding their values and implementing a strategy guided by their strong qualitative focus.

Viral Post

Within weeks of beginning our work with Quinta do Vale Meão, we had a viral post on Instagram, attaining over 2,200 likes to become one of the most liked posts by a Portuguese wine producer on the entire platform.

Opening for Visits

We announced the opening for visits of Quinta do Vale Meão on the 27th of March. With more than 8,500 impressions and 2,400 engagements, this announcement was a complete success, with no advertising budge spent. Further compounding the success of this new endeavour, we've had to suspend our posts about this subject due to most visits slots having already been fully booked.

Key Metrics

(Organic - From January 2019 to April 2020)
Follower Growth - 10K
Engagement - 60k
Impressions - 655,9k

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