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Working with influencers is one of the best ways to reach a new audience and generate content that resonates with people on social media: when you see a post from a brand trying to sell you something, it doesn't have the same effect as if you see a post of a friend or influencer recommending the same brand. That's the power of influencers.

Whether you're looking for a collaboration with great influencers who know how to create content that converts on social media or going for a full influencer campaign to drive an audience to your online store, we're here to help you.

How does it work

Here's how it works, depending on what type of campaign you've decided to go for:

  • We agree on the budget, strategy and influencers

  • You'll receive the content from the influencers to approve

  • The influencers will post or you'll be able to post the content they created, depending on the campaign

  • We'll create a report on the campaign and deliver it to you

What's included

By working with Wild Yeast Media, you'll have access to our extensive knowledge and influencer connections in the UK and beyond, making sure we

Below, you'll find what's included on a full influencer campaign:

  • Influencer campaign outline and strategy, including key messages and specific hashtags, to make sure the influencers have enough information to work with

  • A search of relevant influencers for the campaign

  • Influencer outreach after you've selected them

  • Campaign implementation, making sure the influencers are posting and everything is running smoothly

  • Campaign report, including the number of posts, engagement and much more

Please book a demo here if you're interested in this service.

Please request a demo here if you are interested in this service.
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