Pro Social Media Course

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Our Pro Social Media Course is the perfect way to supercharge your social media. You’ll learn everything from strategy and implementation to reporting and more, understanding the importance of every step of the Wild Yeast Media system and how to succeed using it, apart from receiving our amazing templates. This course is perfect for:

  • Small wine business owners
  • Small wine marketing teams (1-2 people)
  • People thinking about starting a new wine business
  • New wine brands or wine companies
  • Growing your personal brand
  • Social Media Executives and Managers that want to update their social media systems

What's included

This pack includes the below digital files:

  • 60-page social media guide
  • Visual Content Guidelines document
  • 3 customisable templates:
    • Pro content calendar
    • Pro social media strategy
    • Pro social media report

Social Media Course Sample

Social Media Guide

Our 60-page social media guide is essential to understanding how social media works from the set-up stage, strategy creation, implementation to content creation, community management and reporting. You'll also find here links to resources and apps we use in order to take social media to the next level for wine companies.

Pro Content Calendar Template

Our Standard Content Calendar templates will help you create and plan your content in advance, saving you lots of time. This document is an excel spreadsheet completely customisable according to your needs.

Pro Social Media Strategy Template

The Social Media Strategy template is one of the most important documents you'll receive, apart from the guide. This document will act as a blueprint for you to follow and go back to from time to time in the future to make sure you're following the plan to reach your objectives. It will outline your objectives and what specific actions you will undertake on your social media channels in order to reach them. It will also contain insightful research of your brand's buying personas, target audience demographics, your brand’s tone of voice, content strategy and KPI's.

Pro Report Template

If you don't know how your content is performing, you don't know if your social media strategy is working. This is why the Pro Reporting Template is essential, as it will shine a light on areas that are working well but also on things you can improve, making your decision-making process well informed and backed by data.


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